Advocate for
Health Information Professionals
Healthcare Providers

Coding and Auditing

We have over 22 years of experience and we specialize in;


  • Emergency Department (both physician and technical coding)

  • Infusion and Injections

  • General Surgery

  • Endoscopy (EGD and Colonoscopy)

  • OB GYN

  • E & M

  • ICD-10-CM diagnosis coding


We are proficient in both the virtual and onsite environments

Training and Education

We can provide training and education for coders, physicians and nurses in both the virtual and onsite (academic and hospital) environments. We  are certified as AHIMA approved ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Trainers. We have trained on all topics ranging from compliance with Medicare and state documentation guidelines to ICD-10-CM guidelines to the application of the ACEP ED technical coding guidelines.

Mentor and Advocate

We are mentors and enthusiastic advocates for the Health Information Professional. We are certified through the AAPC and/or through AHIMA. We believe that you can never stop learning in this dynamic field as a Health Information Professional. We strongly promote and encourage continuing education with a focus on increasing our coder's knowledge base.

Coding Vendor Vetting and Management

We believe in making sure that you are hiring the most appropriate coding vendor for your hospital and/or physician group. We have a unique and thorough vetting process to ensure that the domestic and/or offshore coding vendor you are hiring is going to be an appropriate fit for your organization. We can also manage and monitor a domestic and/or offshore coding vendor your hospital and/or physician group has in place to ensure they are performing compliant coding services.


We provide direct, open and prompt communication with our clients and a transparent working relationship.We provide real-time feedback to our healthcare providers on documentation strengths and deficiencies to encourage dialogue and continual improvement in effort to ensure accurate and complete documentation to deliver the best patient care possible.  

          Email:           Phone: 715.417.2653