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Chart Analysis,

Physician EMR


With the implementation of computer assisted coding (CAC) and artificial intelligence (AI) driven coding environments the need for a solid foundation and thorough knowledge of industry standard coding guidelines and regulations are crucial more than ever in all health information technology careers.

We have developed a unique review process that incorporates proactive, corrective actions, and utilizes industry standard coding guidelines and regulations, to cultivate an advanced coder knowledge-base and skill set. We vigorously encourage the development of critical thinking techniques. This coding expertise and proficiency in critical thinking are both needed to review code sets generated in both the CAC and AI coding environments.

Another key component to the implementation of CAC and AI coding environments is the need for exceptional provider EMR (electronic medical record) documentation.

We perform a variety of physician EMR documentation reviews to ensure EMR templates are without issue and/or do not contain payer compliance related issues such as cloning, copying or pasting of documentation.


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